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Your benefits, as an educator

Benefits you enjoy as a ojje educator!

Engaging Children where they are

With embedded learning tools, Ojje’s application uses stunning visuals to engage visual learners, enticing audio for auditory learnings, and reading levels for readers.

Adjustable Reading Levels

Children learn at their own pace. Easily adjust the reading level of stories for individual students or entire reading groups, ensuring stories are challenging enough to foster progress without causing frustration.

Reading Group Creation

Organize your students into reading groups based on their reading abilities and interests. This allows you to assign stories that cater to the specific needs and abilities of each group.

Accessibility for Diverse Learners

Ojje is designed to cater to a variety of learning styles and abilities. Special features include adjustable text sizes, fonts, and customizable narrative speeds.

Student Progress Tracking

Monitor each child's reading progress. View historical data on reading, comprehension levels, and story engagement, helping you to support your students' growth effectively

Tailored Learning Recommendations

Ojje analyzes each student's reading progress to offer personalized learning insights. These recommendations guide teachers in enhancing each child’s literacy journey, focusing on their unique needs and potential areas of growth.

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Ojje’s Education Manifesto

At Ojje, our aim is to enhance literacy from the earliest years through elementary age. We seamlessly blend cutting-edge technology with educational content, catering to each learner's unique style - whether auditory, visual, reader, or non-reader.

Our approach transcends traditional books and e-books. Ojje introduces an immersive world of interactive storytelling. For our youngest readers, we offer engaging board books with strong graphics, spoken words, and opportunities for self-guided exploration, laying the foundation for early learning. For older children, our books are meticulously crafted to meet diverse needs: featuring immersive narrations for auditory learners and vivid illustrations for visual learners. Adaptable across multiple literacy levels, our stories include customizable characters and narration speeds, fostering inclusivity for ESL learners and those with learning differences.

We are committed to nurturing self-guided reading, fostering a profound and personal learning experience for each child.

For educators, Ojje represents a pivotal change. We provide complimentary access to our platform, empowering teachers to ignite engagement and support literacy development at every stage. Our tools for monitoring reading progress and comprehension skills offer vital insights for personalized student support.

We're devoted to transforming reading into an engaging, accessible, and delightful journey for every child.

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