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Ojje's Features

Ojje's features are designed to help you learn better!

Personalized Adventures

Ojje's stories transform your child into the hero, offering a deeply engaging and individualized experience.

Educational yet Entertaining

Ojje blends learning with fun, where stories enriches the mind.

Self-Guided Discovery

Empowering children to choose their stories and turn the pages, fostering independence and curiosity.

Evolving Stories

Ojje's narratives adapt to multiple reading levels, enabling children to progress through increasingly complex and engaging stories as they grow.

A Safe Digital Oasis

Ojje provides a meticulously curated, nurturing digital environment, ensuring every story is safe and beneficial for children.

Unforgettable Family Moments

Ojje's stories can be shared, creating opportunities for families to journey together and create cherished memories.

Ojje's Team

We are the core team behind Ojje. We are here to help you!

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Axel Jimenez

Founding Engineer

Steven Alvarez

Ed-Tech Evangelist

Matt Hill

Ed-Tech Evangelist

Ojje's Advisors

Our advisors are here to help us build the best product for you!

Amy Molk


Atul Sood


Ronah Harris


Brendon Cahilll


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